Modern Sofas

Most families spend the majority of their free time at home in their living room, which is all the more reason to carefully consider all of your living room furniture choices. The right living room furniture can help create the perfect atmosphere in your home, so check out our selection below for a wide array of sofa and loveseat options below!


All of our furniture items push comfort, luxury, and beauty to the extreme. Our products exemplify contemporary designs to elevate your home's decor to a new level. Use our premium catalogue to help you make a powerful statement in any home.

To maximize your comfort, we offer furniture made of high-grade materials. Each of our sofas and loveseats have been designed by world-class engineers and artists to give you exactly what you want in a sofa: style, luxury, and quality.  

Our sofas and loveseats will enhance the sophistication and impact of your household. Create a relaxing area in your home with Modern Sense Furniture's new and trending designs with the best quality materials.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a comfortable sofa or loveseat?

Consider these factors when choosing a sofa or loveseat for your home:

To begin with, the space in the room should match the size of the sofa or loveseat. Although most households have enough space for one or more of these pieces, you should always measure to be sure!

Second, make sure the style matches the existing furniture and décor. Your home's aesthetic can be a good indication of what kind of furniture you should buy.

Lastly, make sure the material is one that you are comfortable with! When choosing your sofa, make sure you select a fabric or material that you find comfortable.

Try different styles of sofas and loveseats before making a final decision to find one that is comfortable and meets your requirements. Visit Modern Sense Furniture's online catalogue today to find your perfect match from a wide selection of stylish, comfortable pieces from leading manufacturers.

What is the difference between a sofa and a loveseat?

Sofas and loveseats have only one technical difference: their size. Two-seater sofas and loveseats are both designed for two people but have slightly different proportions. You should select the size that best suits your room's dimensions.

Sofa and couch are very interchangeable terms, though couch is favored by North Americans. The word couch has more informal connotations, while sofas are used to describe more formal or designed styles.

Can you sleep on loveseats?

While some people may have the proportions to sleep comfortably on loveseats, we do not typically recommend it. Taller individuals may find their head or feet sticking over the edge, and may even cause damage to the frame of the furniture. Our sofas designed to seat three people can support someone sleeping much more comfortably, or better yet, you could take a look at one of our amazing sofa beds! These are specially design to accommodate overnight stays and sleeps. 

What kinds of materials are your sofas and loveseats made of?

We offer a wide array of sofas for modern homes of all aesthetics at Modern Sense Furniture. Whether you need a sofa for your living room or a loveseat for your den, we have it all. We offer them in leather, faux leather, foam, wood, steel, and other materials that will last.

Modern Sense Furniture has the most options when it comes to modern living room furniture, as we have an assortment of styles and designers to choose from. Find the right recliner for your living room today!