Modern Console Tables

Console tables are extremely versatile. Swinging between baroquely eye-catching to quietly minimal, no matter what tone you choose, they demand our attention. Our console tables are sure to turn heads when placed in your home. Have a look at our exclusive living room catalog to find complimentary pieces for your console table.


Chic Console Tables

Accentuate your space with a console table from Modern Sense Furniture, whether you want to make a space look airy or want to add in more light, our collection has something to suit your design needs. Console tables are great for entryways, hallways, or you can take it up a level by simply putting it behind a couch as an accent piece.

From liquid silver and gold leaf to minimalistic wood and marble, our premium quality furniture is not only crafted with exquisite materials but the craftsmanship is superior. We strive to help you create the atmosphere you want for your home with beautiful and contemporary furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

A console table has a long and narrow structure, often very similar to a desk. Console tables are used to place various items, both functional and decorative in the living room, entrance hall, behind a sofa, or in the corridor of your home.

You can place your console table in front of or behind an armchair, or even in between two armchairs (if the space allows it). A sofa, reclining chair, loveseat, or armchair will look great with your console table.

If the room you're decorating is feeling a little tight, try positioning your console tables as far away from the walls as possible, and place them on either side of a window or door (if it's an entranceway). This will open up the space and provide more breathing room for all of your furniture.

We carry an exclusive line of marble top, solid wood, silver finish, gold finish, concrete finish and glass top console tables. You can choose from minimalistic styles to bolder styles.

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