Modern Side Tables

Side tables complement the main attractions of your space by Inconspicuously accommodating the extras! Our collection of side tables consists of classic and modern pieces that are crafted with quality materials and are designed to last. Our exclusive living room catalog has a plethora of bold pieces to compliment your living room decor.

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Contemporary Side Tables

Incorporating elements from the mid-century modern style as well as from contemporary minimalism to luxurious marble, Modern Sense Furniture has a vast range of high-end side tables that can make a bold statement in your home.


Side tables are a thoughtful way of adding in more lighting or storage to your space, you can accessorize them with lamps, candles, picture frames and vases. They work as an extension to your sofa or armchair where you can comfortably place a drink, or a book when you need a place to rest them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A side table should ideally be equal to or less than the arm of the seat it's next to. It not only creates a beautiful visual continuity in the room, but it also is within easy reach for placing a drink down or switching on a lamp.

A side table also known as an accent table, is used to complement a piece of furniture that someone would sit on, such as a sofa or a bed. Its key goal is to guarantee that important things are within easy reach. They are also a great way to add extra light into your space because you can accessorize it with a lamp.

Modern Sense Furniture has an exquisite collection of side tables. From textured statement pieces to elegant minimalistic pieces, our high-quality side tables are perfect for any home and we have options to cater to all decor styles.

Side tables can be decorated in a variety of ways to showcase your personality. Introducing a stunning lamp that adds color or form to your décor is an excellent way to apply accent lighting.  Display a couple of your favorite books, they can say a lot about your interests and add a touch of color. Put your cherished goods on display. Accent pieces, such as a lovely bowl or dish, a distinctive trinket, or a must-have tray, provide individuality to a room. A scented candle adds instant ambiance to your space.