Modern Massage Chairs

Discover the meaning of revolutionizing comfort with a modern edge by shopping our deluxe line of massage chairs. Available in a variety of styles and colours to match your home decor. Relax in style while stress melts away. Don’t forget to browse through our exclusive living room catalogue for other pieces that will complement your new massage chair.

Luxurious massage CHAIRS

At Modern Sense Furniture, our massage chairs boast a range of luxurious functions to suit your everyday needs. Whether you want touch screen controls or handheld, we have the perfect massage chair for you.

Cutting-edge technology paired with superior ergonomic design, our premium line of Cozzia massage chairs alleviates stress, boosts your metabolism, and improves your blood circulation.

Whether you like the look of luscious black leather or the modern flair of cappuccino leather,

the Cozzia is a conversation starter and will add grandeur to your space. Equipped with various massage methods and settings, you can choose and control the settings as you please. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Research has shown that massage can help relieve stress, pain and even improve mood. A good massage chair can really contribute to your health. A massage not only soothes the mind but also enhances circulation, relaxes muscles and relieves pain. Browse through our collection of luxurious Cozzia massage chairs.

Massage chairs are great because they are portable, easy to use, and have multiple features that allow the user to customize the massage experience. Our collection of massage chairs gives the user full control on the method of massage and strength level.

A massage chair is an electric recliner that has several built-in motors with moving parts that are programmed to apply pressure, heat, or vibration to specific areas of the body.  This is meant to enhance circulation and promote relaxation.  The different types of chairs offer various combinations of these effects. It can be a great addition for a bedroom,  living room or home theater space.

At Modern Sense Furniture, we carry 7 different models from the upscale and luxurious massage chair brand called Cozzia. Cozzia manufactures and designs top-of-the-line massage chairs in Canada. Pairing innovative technology with wellness, it doesn’t get better than this!