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Modern Sense Furniture offers a premium selection of lounge chairs that provide comfort and style to your modern home. From top brands and manufacturers, our furniture can elevate your home’s aesthetic with gorgeous pieces of exotic and contemporary decor. Shop our selection of luxury lounge chairs for the perfect addition to your home!

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All of our furniture exemplifies contemporary styles, elevating your home's decor to a new level. Our premium catalogue can help you make a powerful statement in any home. We offer furniture options made of high-grade materials designed by world-class artists and engineers. With fabrics, textiles, and cloths cut from exclusive and reliable manufacturers, you know that when you buy from Modern Sense Furniture you're getting the best of the best.
Our selection empowers your home with sophistication, impact, and exotic themes that are sure to impress any guest. Create an atmosphere of artistic intent with trending, modern lounge chairs from Modern Sense Furniture. We can get you the furniture you need for the home of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

The difference between arm chairs and lounge chairs is the style or even presence of arm rests. While all arm chairs have arm rests, many lounge chairs may not. Additionally, lounge chairs are typically lower to the ground, whereas arm chairs are often tall. Of course, this is not an ultimatum, you may find many lounge chairs that are taller and some arm chairs that are lower, but as a general rule of thumb the average arm chair will be taller than the average lounge chair. We offer lounge chairs in many different shapes and sizes for all of your home decor needs, so browse our selection to find the perfect piece of furniture for you!
A recliner is designed to cradle the entire body in a comfortable position, while lounge chairs are usually more dynamic in design. Lounge chairs are more compact in most cases - though this varies depending on the model of furniture. You can find an assortment of different designs for both types of seating at Modern Sense Furniture. While some traditional lounge seating units are equipped with armrests, others are not making them ideal for lounging rather than reclining. Lounge chairs oftentimes have adjustable backs and footrests, which make it easy to achieve a variety of relaxation positions for users of all heights. Lightweight fabrics are commonly used in fabric upholstery or leather covering these seats, and sturdy construction ensures they'll last through years of regular use.
To choose the best lounge chair for your purposes, you should first consider your home's aesthetic and where the chair will be usually placed. Lounge chairs come in a wide array of styles, materials, and finishes. The first thing to consider is the room's aesthetic. If you have a contemporary or modernist home, then your lounge chair should reflect this look as well. If you have a country cabin with rustic décor eschewing metal hardware for wooden pulls, then keep those elements in mind when choosing your lounge chair. Additionally, if there are other pieces of furniture that will typically share the room with your new chair—such as a sofa or coffee table—you should choose one that coordinates aesthetically but doesn't match exactly to avoid an overly matching ensemble. The next thing to consider is where you will usually place your new lounge chair. For example, if you want to encourage visitors into the kitchen while they wait for food at a party, placing a lounge chair near the counter for them take a seat might be helpful. Lounge chairs are great relaxation spots for all members of the household so think about places that guests or family members may enjoy resting down after a tiring day. Lastly, do check that your new chair can comfortably fit in any spaces you've determined for it. Measure the width, depth, and height of your future lounging area to ensure that you purchase a chair that is the appropriate size.
Modern Sense Furniture offers a wide assortment of lounge chairs for modern homes of all sorts of aesthetics. We have lounge chairs with arms for the most comfortable experience possible, and ones without arms for more compact, flexible spaces. Some have reclining features for those who want a diverse range of heights, while others are fixed for spaces with a certain vision. We offer chairs in leather, faux leather, velvet, foam, wood, steel, and other materials made to last. With an assortment of styles and designers providing us with modern furniture that makes an impact, Modern Sense Furniture has the most options for your luxury lounge chair. Shop our catalogue today to find the perfect lounge chair for you!