Modern Coffee Tables

A coffee table in your living room may be the key to making your space more elevated and unique. With our range of high-end coffee tables, add a modern flair to your living room. Browse through our exclusive living room catalog to find complimentary pieces for your coffee table.


Statement Coffee Tables

Not only does a coffee table serve a myriad of functions for your living room, but it also centers the space and adds personality. At Modern Sense Furniture, our intent is to bring you world-class furniture made out of premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship.


Our manufacturers use only the best resources to create pieces that not only elevate your home but add personality and sophistication to the space you are designing. Browse through our catalog and bring your dream aesthetic to life. Our collection features, solid wood, glass, marble, a variety of metal finishes, textures, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Coffee tables are placed in the middle of the room, within easy reach of the sofa. Console tables, on the other hand, are meant to showcase objects and are typically kept against a wall (hallway/entryway)  or sitting behind a sofa.

Measure the length of the sofa, chair, or grouping of seats. A coffee table with a height no more than two inches less than the top of the chair or sofa cushion is ideal. The length of the coffee table should be about two-thirds of the length of the sofa.

You can accessorize a coffee table with candles, picture frames, trays and anything else you like. Your decor style is a reflection of your personality. Feel free to mix and match items to elevate the space. Coffee table books are also an excellent way to add chicness.

The shape of your coffee table does matter. A pro-style tip is to make sure you do not clutter your space. For smaller spaces, a compact round or square coffee table would be more suitable whereas, for a larger space, you can choose to add one large rectangular coffee table or go with either square or round nesting coffee tables

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