Home Theatre Seating

No home is complete without the perfect cinema-like experience. Your living room can be that place you escape into every day, and furniture brands like ours are here for you! Shop our extensive range of high-end theatre seats to find pieces which will make any space feel luxurious.

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Exclusive Home Theatre Seating

Luxurious comfort paired with style and panache, we offer premium home theatre seating options that can be customized to your liking. Superior technology allows you, your family, and guests to enjoy your favorite movies while reclining fully and comfortably.

As you contour and melt in your seat, you can count on high-quality memory foam to support your body and legs. With a variety of features, choose the ideal home theatre seating of your choice that will leave you uncompromised when it comes to comfort and ergonomics. Elevate your movie night with stylish theatre seating from Modern Sense Furniture where refined style goes hand in hand with comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Catalina collection comes in a 3 seater and is suitable for taller occupants and supports the legs fully. Features multicolor LED cupholders and ground lighting. Choose from seven different colors, three light intensities, power recline and power headrest activation, a “home” button, and memory preset keys, all on one cupholder Integrated USB charging, and LED backlighting. The Audio collection has standard leg support and does not have LED backlighting. Our Audio collection comes in a 2 seater and a 3 seater. It has a power recline and power headrests operated by a brushed metal power switch with integrated USB charging. Both are great choices.

Then determine how many seats you need/want for your space. Next, map out the most ideal viewing area. This is where you want to have the best viewing experience. Determine how much space your home theater seats need for adequate leg room.

At Modern Sense Furniture we carry premium quality 1 seater theater seating such as the Flick Home Theater Chair, we offer 2 seaters in the Audio Collection, Beckett Collection, Flicks Collection, Media Collection, Paragon Collection, and the Soundtrack Collection. Our 3 seater options include the Audio Collection, Catalina Collection, Elite Collection, Flicks Collection, Media Collection, Ovation Collection, Pacifico Collection, Paragon Collection and the Vertex Collection. We also have a luxurious collection of 4 seaters from Paragon Home Theater and Flicks Home theater.