6 Unique and Modern Chandeliers

Bessie Round Chandelier

Chandeliers are a statement piece, commonly used in residential and commercial spaces alike. While traditional chandeliers exude tasteful gradioise, modern chandeliers are better incorporated into today’s aesthetics. As such, they are seen as a popular design element for any given room. Here are 6 unique and modern chandeliers one can incorporate into their home or office space.

Graffiti Linear Chandelier

This gorgeous yet peculiarly designed lighting element goes by the name of Graffiti Linear Chandelier. Made using handcrafted iron, silver lead in a polished stainless finish, and smoke crystal diffusers, this chandelier encompasses the essence of modern rebel unlike any other.

Santana Round Chandelier

Another great lighting fixture on our list in the Santana Round Chandelier. Beautifully reminiscent of wind chimes, this metal product comes in four colours: black, antique brass, satin nickel as well as multicolour to best fit any existing aesthetic within your room. Its sleek design and shining finish create an eye-catching display.



Twilight Twelve-Light Slumped Glass Chandelier

Another spectacular addition is the Twilight Twelve-Light Slumped Glass Chandelier. This glass fixture was created using two-tiers of slumped glass panels with gold-leaf gradations. If you want to leave an impression, this chandelier is the ideal pick. It emanates luxury and can easily be embedded in any modern setting.



Blair 5-Tier Chandelier

If you’re looking for a modern spin on the traditional lighting fixture, look no further than the Blair 5-Tier Chandelier. This contemporary chrome plated pendant collection surpasses expectations. A combination of luxury and elegance, this sparkling product is the perfect addition if you’re looking to incorporate an eye-catching focal point.



Faye 34” Rectangular LED Chandelier

The Faye 34” Rectangular LED Chandelier is a breath of fresh air. From its shape to its chrome finish and everything in between, this sophisticated piece is absolutely breathtaking. Add it to a family room, office space, or even dining room to stun the masses.


40” Arlington Round Chandelier

Looking for a playful spin to the traditional selections? Then check out the 40” Arlington Round Chandelier. Beautifully crafted, this chandelier is the perfect example of modern art. Its hollowed orbs are gently complemented by their golden interiors, creating a contemporary look that works in most settings. Add it to the living room, on the stairway, or over a reception desk at the office. Its versatile appeal makes it the perfect addition to any space.


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