BDI Corridor

bdi corridor media center

Nowadays, people have so many devices that provide them with hours of entertainment. From your AppleTV and your Chromecast to your Playstation and cable box, there are a lot of things connected to our TVs. Media centers help keep things around our TV organized and clean.

The BDI Corridor is one of the many media centers we have at Modern Sense Furniture. This unit has a very clean and modern look. The finish is smooth and it is topped with tempered glass. The shelves are adjustable, so you won’t have any trouble fitting your devices in this unit. The BDI Corridor also has wheels on the bottom so you can easily change its orientation with a room. Drop by our showroom today to see more of our media centers and the rest of our modern living room furniture. You can also call us at (416) 746-9381.