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Handstone is a family-owned, Canadian manufacturer of custom, solid-wood furniture. The company has been making furniture since 1999 and has become well-known for high-quality furniture pieces. The main focus of this company is to deliver incredible products with lasting beauty and exceptional craftsmanship.

When you shop for products from this brand, you will find a great selection of beds, dining tables, cabinets, dressers, dining chairs, accent chairs, coffee tables, TV consoles, office desks, office chairs, and so much more. Want to see more from this company? You can scroll down to peruse our online catalogue below. You can also visit our modern furniture showroom to see these products in person or call us at (416) 746-9381 for more information.

Commitment To CONTEMPORARY AND TRANSItional Design

Handstone furniture is designed and handcrafted in Canada at a time when most consumer goods are mass-produced in factories halfway around the world. In addition to providing flexibility in manufacturing, it also ensures that your new purchase has minimal impact on the environment while being manufactured.

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It’s hard to find things built to last in this day and age, but Handstone Furniture isn’t one of them. They refuse to compromise. The family-owned Canadian furniture manufacturer has been in business since 1999 as a one-man woodworking shop. Today, they manufacture custom-made, solid wood furniture. Their hardwoods are hand-selected and kiln-dried to ensure a long-lasting finish. They continuously invest in cutting-edge manufacturing equipment. In addition, they never forget that the only thing that can compare to the precision and accuracy of the modern manufacturing process is the attention to detail that comes from a reverence for old-world craftsmanship. Handstone Furniture is built to order using lean manufacturing methods. It takes a little longer to build, you’ll wait a little longer to get it delivered. We think you’ll agree… its lasting beauty is worth it.

Among the furniture pieces in our showroom are coffee tables, beds, desks, bookcases, dining tables, chairs, buffets, cabinets, and so much more from this company. Our modern furniture showroom offers a wide selection of beautiful furniture pieces from this company. You can call us at (416) 746-9381 to speak with a representative if you’d like more information.

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Our products are handcrafted with premium materials to ensure durability, reliability, and style. We’re here to help you make the best decisions when making an investment in high-quality furniture. We’ll help you find exactly what you need to create the room you will enjoy for years to come.

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