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Sometimes the best way to assemble a room is not by searching through hundreds of stores to find your best fit, but rather customizing the furniture to fit your needs. For example, you might like a specific piece of furniture, but the colours or materials may clash with different sections of your home. Fortunately, that won’t be a problem if you shop through our collection of modern furniture store Oshawa

Whether you need a custom sofa, chair, sectional, dining table, or desk, at Modern Sense – we offer a wide variety of styles at every price point. Each piece of modern furniture meets our high standards of craftsmanship. Explore our luxurious brands, including Italian and European furniture. For all your modern furniture needs in Oshawa, we are just a 40-minute drive from Oshawa.  

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Looking for custom furniture? We don’t blame you! Customization is a form of expression – of freedom. And those are basic human rights. Dreaming of pure leather? Velvet comfort or sleek and clean finishes? We have it – and so much more. At Modern Sense, we carry the luxurious materials and finishes you need to create your dream pieces of furniture. 

Modern furniture in Oshawa is often complimented by accessories. They help to tell the story of your home. Each piece in our collection of accessories was selected for its ethereal appeal, which will help create a lasting statement in your living space. In addition, we supply artsy pieces via fast delivery. In fact, we even ship our products internationally.


Large Selection of Stressless Furniture

Stressless® is home to many modern, beautiful, and comfortable pieces of furniture. Our modern Stressless Furniture selection is known and loved for its unique Scandinavian style.

This range includes Stressless sofas, sectionals and loveseats, Stressless recliners, accessories, and everything you need for your home. The main reason for the popularity of these products is the fact that they offer the most fantastic comfort. Once you take a seat, you will not want to get up again.

Take a look at the various colors, styles, and designs before choosing the perfect fit for you. Whether you prefer high or low back seating, our Stressless range has something just for you.

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Your home is another place where you can create enjoyable moments and at Modern Sense, our team is dedicated to providing the best modern furniture in Oshawa to enrich your memories. Our custom furniture options allow you to be the designer, to actualize your vision, your way. 

Luckily, there are unlimited options in our modern furniture store Oshawa for you to play around with. Contact us for more details or for suggestions. Our furniture experts will be glad to help you find out which style fits your home decor the best.

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