Your Guide To Designing A Modern Living Room

guide to designing a modern living room

The living room is where you, family, and friends spend most of your time together. So it is important to keep this space inviting and comforting. You want to walk into your living room and feel relaxed, which is why furniture, lighting, and decor are so important. 

We have the best selection of furniture for you to choose from to design your dream modern living room. Here is our guide on how to design the perfect modern living room. We promise after you follow these pointers, you’ll never want to leave your living room again. 


Furniture is the most important part of the living room. You’ll need comfortable seating to relax in and more functional pieces like coffee tables and TV stands. The main living room furniture pieces you’ll need to enhance your space are:

Sectionals and Sofas

Sectionals are definitely a must-have for the living room. Not only are sectionals flexible in sizes, functions, materials, and designs, but they also offer extra seating, optimize your space, and even serve as an extra bed for your guests. Sofas are also super important for the living room. The right sofa can really help create the perfect atmosphere.

When it comes to furniture, including sectionals and sofas, but also some other pieces, it is important that you choose comfortable, sleek and minimal furniture pieces if you want a modern look. Upholstery made from materials like leather or natural fabrics in different textures are ideal. Avoid ornate furniture and choose pieces based on the size of your living room to prevent clutter. Some good options from our collection include the Casey Sectional and the Gilly Sofa. We also have plenty of beautiful modern options on our website for sectionals and sofas!

Accent Chairs

Accent chairs are super important when it comes to the living room. They add much needed extra seating, and can also add colour and set the style tone of a room. Accent chairs can be a different style from the rest of your furniture for an even greater contrast. The purpose of accent chairs is to stand out in your living room by complementing the overall decor. Some stylish options from our collection include the Astrid Accent Chair and the Hadley Accent Chair. There are many other beautiful chairs to choose from on our website, and you can find them here!

Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Aside from seating, the coffee table is the most important piece of furniture in the living room. It holds your drinks, your remote, reading material, and other things. The coffee table should be useful, as well as an important part of your decor. It should combine well with the rest of the decor in the room. 

As for side tables, they might not be the focal point of your living room, but they tie the space together. They generally serve the same purpose as a coffee table, they are just smaller, take up less space, and are good end tables at the side of seating. You can even create a “coffee table cluster” by using two or more side tables near each other in a space, instead of one big coffee table. Some elegant table selections we carry are the Amaranto Coffee Table and the Monaco Side Table. We have a large variety of modern side tables and coffee tables on our website. 


Lighting is extremely important in both the look and function of your living room. The living room is where you watch tv, read books, play games, spend time with guests, making lighting a very important aspect of the overall room. Ideally, your living room should have different kinds of lights at different levels, to create a warm and inviting space. 

You can use chandeliers, table lamps, floor lamps, and wall and ceiling lights. 

A few lighting options that are beautiful for a living room are our Adrian Table Lamp, Manchester Wall Mount, and Virgo Floor Lamp. We have so many different types of lighting on our website to choose from. 


The living room is generally where everyone spends the most time, which is why it is incredibly important to decorate it the right way. There are many different ways you can decorate the room, from wall pieces to rugs. You don’t want to overpower your living room with decor though, so keep that in mind when buying for the room. 

You can add rugs, hang mirrors and art pieces, place sculptures, or even add house plants. Some of our favourite living room accessories include the Sweet Presence Botanical, Gyration Sculpture, and Robat’s School of Fish. We have a very large selection of beautiful modern decor that can be purchased on our website.

Keeping in mind all these important factors to create a beautiful modern living room, have fun with it and design your dream living room the way you want to. Here at Modern Sense Furniture, we have the largest selection of modern furniture for your dream home.