4 Sectionals That Are Perfect For Condos

4 sectionals that are perfect for condos

One of the biggest struggles when it comes to buying living room furniture is trying to find the perfect seating to fit your space. This is especially true for condo owners. Here at Modern Sense Furniture, we have a wide range of sectionals, so you can find the perfect one to fit your condo.

Regular sectional sofas vary in size and shape, but five-seat sectionals generally feature about 95 inches of width and up to 40 inches of depth. However, apartment sized sectional sofas can be as small as 80 inches wide by 35 inches deep.

We have picked 4 different sectionals from our website that are the perfect fit for people who live in condos, but still want a comfortable and beautifully modern sectional sofa that doesn’t take up too much space.

1. The Pango Sectional

Our Pango Sectional is a perfect fit for a condo living room. Made of Italian leather in visone gray, this sectional offers a width of 88 inches and a depth of 43-67 inches. With the Pango Sectional, you can recline into luxurious comfort while reading a book or watching your favourite TV show.

It features motioned adjustable headrests with a recliner footrest and reclining chaise – both with easy-touch motion technology. The reclining chair gives you just the right level of support for full body comfort, so you can sit up and relax or rest your head back. Sounds like relaxation heaven! If you are interested in purchasing the Pango Sectional for your condo, you can check it out here.

living room pango sectional

2. The Avalon Sectional Sofa

Our Avalon Sectional Sofa is a beautiful option for different sized condos. The great thing about this sectional is that it is customizable, and comes in various sizes, with a set depth of 38 inches and height of 37 inches. This way, you can choose the size and look that best suits your condo living room.

The Avalon Sectional Sofa features handsome angled arms and a roll-over, down-stuffed arm treatment that resembles a cozy pillow. With delicate steel tubular legs that anchor the arm, in an on-trend polished chrome. If you wish, you can choose the same-style legs in wood instead. If you are interested in purchasing the Avalon Sectional Sofa, you can check it out here. The sectional is shown below in Emerse/S Cloud with a polished chrome metal finish.

living room avalon sectional sofa

3. The Elan/R007 Sectional

Our Elan/R007 Sectional is a beautiful option for condo owners who want a modern sectional with a splash of abstract. Just like the Avalon Sectional Sofa above, the Elan/R007 Sectional is customizable, so you can choose the look that best fits your living room.  When it comes to size, this sectional is available in various sizes and configurations, so you can browse which set up fits best in your condo.

The Elan/R007 Sectional features a geometric tile stitched design, a nod to the 20th century. The Elan is accented with a beautiful solid metal tubular base with no seams or beveled corners, that catches the eye like fine jewelry. If you are interested in adding the Elan/R007 Sectional to your condo’s living room, you can check it out here.

living room elan r007 sectional

4. The Edition Sectional

Our Edition Sectional is a nice great choice for people who like a minimalistic modern theme. This sectional is very nice and simple, with sleek edges and solid colour. The Edition Sectional also comes in various sizes so it can fit in different sized condos.

It brings a new atmosphere to the living room. It perfectly fits in your condo, with your choice to customize it with different fabrics and colours, from neutral colours to bold colours. If you are interested in adding the Edition Sectional to your living room, you can check it out here.

living room edition sectional

The most important thing to do before you choose and purchase a new sectional, is to measure your living space and where you intend to place the sectional. It is incredibly important to know the amount of space you are dealing with so you can choose a sectional that best fits in that given area.

Here at Modern Sense Furniture, we look forward to helping you find the perfect sectional sofa for your living room. If you are interested in purchasing any furniture for your home, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Regardless of if you’re looking for furniture in Montreal, Edmonton, Calgary, or even the USA, we’re the place to shop for luxury furniture items!