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Imagine coming home feeling exhausted and sore after a long day. In those instances, all you need is a way to relax, unwind and recoup. If that sounds like your daily life, allow us to introduce you to our wide selection of Cozzia massage chairs. Designed to alleviate stress and pain as well as help to rejuvenate your body – these massage chairs come in a variety of models so you can find your best fit without hassle. 

Known as one of the highest quality massage chairs on the market, Cozzia integrates the most innovative technology to maximize health and wellness. Its features range from full-body massages to complete adjustability, to motorized functions, and so many others. In addition to its plethora of benefits, its seamless design gives a visual boost in any given room. Let’s take a look at some of its models below:

Low Range

Cozzia AG-6000 Massage Chair

Available in three colours (black, brown and ivory), the Cozzia AG-6000 massage chair offers 6 vibration motors with a pre-set auto program. With a 15 minute massage cycle, heated seat as well as relaxing vibrations along your back for a deep, relaxing massage experience – this simple product can offer you a wealth of comfort. The seat is also adjustable in many ways, and it has a one touch zero gravity position to optimize your experience. 


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Mid Range

Cozzia CZ-322 Massage Chair

Made from leather and available in the colour black, this Cozzia CZ-322 massage chair provides massage features for the neck, back, lower back, and calves area. Its intensity varies between relaxing and moderate, so while it may not provide deep tissue relaxation, it still gets the job done. In fact, it has 6 unique massage techniques as well as 3 auto programs. Equipped with the same safety features as all other Cozzia massage chairs, this one is perfect for those who simply want the massage option in a comfortable chair. 


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High Range

Cozzia CZ-710 Massage Chair

Compared to the one above, this massage chair thrives in the technology department. The Cozzia CZ-710 massage chair comes with a wired touch-screen which provides functions that will alleviate stress, promote metabolism as well as improve blood circulation. Available in a combination of two distinctive colours: cappuccino and white pearl as well as black and black pearl – it is suitable for any space. 

In addition to its aesthetics, this particular massage comes with many other amazing features like: 4D human-like Vario Motion mechanism, foot and sole roller massage, 15 different auto programs and much more. Its adjustibility is also extensive, nearly unmatched. This chair also provides air massage, which includes heat therapy for legs, arm massages, 64 airbags and 3 air intensity levels. Essentially, every single part of your body can be tended to with this exquisite massage chair.

cozzia 710

Cozzia CZ-640 Massage Chair

If you’re looking for a sleek design in black leather, look no further than the Cozzia CZ-640 massage chair. Though not quite an expansive in technology as the 710, this model is still anything but simple. In fact, it too targets every part of your body and comes with perks like a USB charging port, bluetooth speaker, precise body scanning, among much else. Moreover, its safety features allow it to run at 30 minute massage intervals, and the chair is equipped with overheating protection as well as a power surge detector. Like our previous models, it is fully adjustable and comes with a one touch zero gravity position for maximum comfort and relaxation.

cozzia 640

Cozzia CZ-630 Massage Chair

Available in the colours Midnight and Americana (gorgeous variations of the dark leather tones), the Cozzia CZ-630 offers almost as much as the model right above. Where it differs is in its technology and message features. In addition to the entertainment system, this massage chair offers seat vibration, low noise design, position adjustment as well as lumbar heating. Furthermore, the chair has 8 world-wide auto programs, 6 unique massage techniques, a stretching as well as a spot/partial massage features, among so much more.

cozzia 630

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Cozzia allows you to revolutionize the meaning of comfort. The best thing about these models is due to their variety in price range, function, and technology – you can choose a chair that benefits you the best; each massage chair is optimized to fit your particular needs. 

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