How to Tell if Modern Furniture is High-End

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Modern furniture manifests in so many different styles and variations; but if we were to define its core, then contemporary furniture would be designated by its functionality, aesthetics and materials. In fact, consider minimalism. Modernism ties in perfectly with the “less is more” approach when designing a space.

This essentially takes the ‘fluff’ out of the equation. An example of that would be mouldings without the trims added to it – no unnecessary details are required. In fact, modern furniture is furniture that has clean lines, geometric shapes, and angles. Anything with edge, minimalist design and clarity is considered to be modern.

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Take a look at the size and practicality of the furniture too. Traditionally, modern furniture is associated with simple, neutral colours, natural materials, and is often found in more open spaces – because it enhances the beauty of simplicity. Of course, as years go by, this furniture can be placed virtually anywhere and is an excellent addition to residential and commercial properties alike. There are several variations of classic modern furniture, and so many options to choose from.

Depending on what you’re looking for, you can find products that will accommodate any space. But with anything that is in high-demand, there are plenty of vendors who take advantage and sell low-end, cheap modern furniture to consumers. So how can you know whether or not your modern furniture is high-end?

Design of the Product

Examine the architecture of the product, particularly its design. As mentioned earlier, modern furniture is mainly geometric. It has clean lines and is very angular in nature. Of course, low-end furniture can have the same appearance but what sets high-end apart from the masses is how the product is made.

Take the edges of the angular product for example. High-end furniture will have a seamless and more refined edge compared to the others. Grace your finger across the product, you will actually be able to feel the difference in quality and texture.

Materials Used

Speaking of texture, look at the materials from which the product is made. There are a variety of fabrics and leather available for use. A high-end product will use quality fabric and a top of the line grade of leather to create the product.

Also look at the quality of the product coverings, the seal – and the overall aesthetics of the product. If it’s a showpiece, it will be sturdy and firm as opposed to flimsy and unstable in nature. If it’s furniture you can sit on (i.e. a sofa), look into the comfort level of the product.

The Finish

The materials used directly tie into the overall look and feel of the product. A great way to test just how luxurious the piece of furniture is to touch it. There is a distinct difference between high-end products and knock-offs.

If the visual cues aren’t evident enough, the physical ones will be. In the case of sofas, you can tell by either looking at the finishes (i.e. the stitching), or by feeling the material (i.e. quality leather versus cheap leather).

Product Technology

Sometimes modern, high-end furniture is infused with a type of technology that cannot be cloned. Take a Stressless chair for example. This high-end chair stands out due to its zero-gravity feature. From the moment you take a seat, the tech allows the chair to take your body and distribute it and make you feel like you’re suspended in air – allowing your body to not feel any type of weight pressure.

Stressless is the prime example of “you get what you pay for”. From the quality used to create the chair, to its sleek and seamless design, to the technology incorporated within and its warranty.

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Product Life

Accounting for the longevity of a product may justify its steep price. However, the accompanied warranty solidifies it. High-end products have a longer warranty period. The reason for that is because the quality of the product is good enough to withstand the test of time.

Also, when you purchase a product from a reputable dealer or manufacturer, they have the ability to fix or replace any damaged part of the product with ease (their inventory is stocked). If your furniture isn’t high-end, it will deteriorate quicker even if it isn’t fiddled with. In addition, any roughhousing will only speed up the process.

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