From Fashion Runway to Your Home



When the greatest fashion designers come together to create this year fashion trends, learn that these trends do not stop at the runways, catwalks and magazines. They inspire and effect architecture, exterior and interior design.

From Balenciaga and Givenchy to Gucci and Versace these currently hottest designers had and have been inspiring the interior design world.





Givenchy on his latest spring / summer 2019 collection is suggesting vibrant colors, color blocks taking the most modern approach with everything





Adopt Givenchys’ trending and fresh colors in your space.
Use these colors as your focal point areas (sofas, sectionals, accent chairs) or if you want to play on the safe side use these vibrant and lively colors on your accent pieces (pillows, accessories, art work)

On the other hand, the well know designer Valentino choose a totally different approach with his collection. Trying to maintain a more dramatic and mysterious look he worked with darker colors focusing on black.

Black has always been a classy, elegant and chic option not only for the fashion world but also for interior spaces. If you would like to go with a more dramatic and mysterious theme, black is the best option for you.



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