Your Guide To Improving Your Living Room With Modern Furniture

improve living room with modern furniture

The living room is one of the most important rooms in the home. This is where families gather after a long day to enjoy some quality time together. Whether they are watching Netflix, playing a board game, watching the Raptors win the NBA Championship, or hanging out eating some snacks, families spend a lot of quality time together in the living room. This is where families make so many happy memories.

When it comes to designing or renovating a home, homeowners put a lot of thought into their living rooms because they know it is an essential space in the home. Since the living room is a place where people spend so much time together, it makes sense to design a space that is comfortable, inviting and attractive.

When it comes to designing a space that helps to elevate important moments, the choice of furniture plays a major role, perhaps even the biggest role. When you think about it you’ll need something to sit on, something to place drinks and food, something to establish the lighting, and something to hold all your media devices. With the right modern furniture, you can create a space where you’ll want to spend a lot of time with loved ones. To help you design that perfect space, our furniture store experts have put together this guide to help you improve your living room with our modern furniture.

Living Room Chairs, Sofas and Sectionals

When you first start to think about how you can make your living room comfortable, your mind usually goes to seating first. Because a living room is a space for relaxation, you’ll naturally want comfortable chairs that you can just melt into. To put it simply, this isn’t the space for hard or stiff chairs.

You usually have a couple of options to choose from when it comes to living room chairs: single chairs that seat one person and couches that seat multiple people. Ideally, the best option for you is something that looks amazing and is comfortable to sit in.

modern living room furniture

When it comes to chairs, you can go with accent chairs that can serve as an eye-catching focal point and a comfortable place to rest. Looking at our Knox Accent Chair and Lali Accent Chair, these two chairs have intriguing artistic features and are generously padded to ensure that you will never want to get up.

The sofa, on the other hand, is for multiple people, and it makes the perfect furniture piece for family movie nights. The Casey Sofa and Kamira Sofa are two perfect options for gathering people on a comfortable sofa. Both of these are minimalistic in their design, so if you want to go for something that makes more of a statement, you can consider the Lucina Sofa or the Melissa Sofa.

More and more people are going with modern sectionals because it can allow for more than 3 people to share a single sofa. It’s a great way to bring people closer together as opposed to buying detached sofas. If you have the space for it, the Lonato Sectional makes for a great sofa that can seat up to 6 people. For something really functional, you can go with our Edward Sectional, which has a coffee table built-in. For something more simplistic, you can consider the Apes Sectional.

Living Room Coffee Tables and Side Tables

Ok, now that you have your seating figured out, it’s time to think about where you are going to places things like board games, bowls and glasses. That’s where coffee tables come in. If you are someone who appreciates a rustic, more natural look, and you want a statement piece, then you will definitely want to check out the Lychee Wood Coffee Table.

Beyond a statement piece, there are plenty of elegant coffee tables that will look great in any living room. The Atlas Coffee Table, Agora Coffee Table, Infinity Coffee Table, and Chelsea Rectangular Cocktail Table are all great options that can elevate any space.

living room modern coffee table

These are all great options, but you may not want to stop at one coffee table. Given your lifestyle, you may need a side table as well as a modern coffee table. For something that is simple but functional, you can look at the Edward End Table and the Gigi Accent Table. On the other hand, if you are looking for a show-stopper piece, you may want to consider the Emilia Side Table, Icon End Table, Iris Side Table, or the Sceptre Side Table.

Media Centre for the Living Room

Once you’ve settled into the living room, you’ll need something to do. If you are thinking about watching a movie, listening to music, or having music or a movie play in the background while you and your family/guests do something together, you’ll need a top-notch media set-up.

Media centres are great for organizing all your devices and displaying them in a visually appealing design feature. You can go with a media centre that is understated but sleek like the Banjo Media Unit or the Linea TV Stand.

There is also the option to go with a media centre that demands your attention for all the right reasons. To get that statement piece, you can look into the Bellagio TV Stand, the Corridor 8173 Media Cabinet or the Lyrics L-26 Media Unit.

Any of the furniture pieces in this article would help to elevate your living room into a comfortable and beautiful place where you will want to make lasting memories with friends and family. When you’re ready to shop, come down to our gorgeous, modern furniture showroom in Toronto. You’ll find these (and more) modern furniture pieces for the living room in our 80,000 sq. ft. showroom.