Why Your Living Room Needs a Modern Sectional

why you need a modern sectional

A modern sectional is the perfect living room furniture piece because it is the first large furniture item everyone sees when stepping into your living room. Compared with traditional couches, sectionals are more versatile and flexible in sizes, functions, materials, and designs. They can offer extra seating, optimize your space, and even serve as an extra bed for your guests. This is what makes sectionals a must-have for homeowners.

At Modern Sense, we understand our customers’ needs, and we also believe that not all the sectionals are made the same. That’s why we want to help you go through the options and find the most appropriate piece to best suit your home or condo. 


The Calem Sectional


A beautiful sectional is a necessary luxury for a compact condo. The Calem Sectional is a perfect fit for your condo because it offers ample seatings to save your money by buying a set of chairs. It can also gracefully utilize the corner of your home without taking over the space. While it provides simple lines and a metal tubular base, it is also available in various materials like leatherette, velvet, fabric, and leather to suit your personal taste for decorating your warm home. 


As we all know, living in a big city like Toronto, we usually don’t have an extra room in a condo to accommodate our guests, but this delicate piece will resolve the problem in the best way possible. Whenever your close friend drops by, you can have him/her rest at the luxurious sectional, the perfect and functional bed in your living room.  We offer a variety of modern coffee tables that would pair beautifully with this sectional.


Bruno Sectional


If you crave for a bolder piece to reflect your unique personality, you can check out the Bruno Sectional, which has straight lines and clear angles to add a contemporary touch to your space. It features the seat depth adjustment, flexible headrests and armrests. The elegant tuck, metal colors for legs as well as the contrasting colored thread make this sectional an outstanding piece you won’t forget.



Phantom Sectional


If you have a big family and need to find a sofa for your spacious living room, you don’t want to miss the Phantom Sectional, which will provide your family with maximum comfort. This is because this modern sectional is crafted with the finest leather. It will not only become the best relaxing spot for your family members and guests, but it will also serve as an aesthetically pleasing statement for your overall home design.


Best of all, you can even choose to customize it by working with Modern Sense to achieve the best effect to design the dream style you want. Beauty and comfort will be blended into the same piece for you. 


No matter the size of your space, modern sectionals can accommodate your needs in an elegant way. It can be convenient, comfortable and durable, and you will enjoy it not only with your family members but also your friends and guests. 

If you need more design advice or professional assistance in choosing a proper modern sectional in your home, the design experts at Modern Sense are more than happy to share their expertise and experience with you. You are also invited to visit our premium showroom to check those exceptional pieces in person or browse our collection of sectionals online.