Create a Modern Home Office with these 4 Furniture Pieces

4 modern home office furniture pieces

Working from home has become a popular option with the development of technology. You will enjoy unlimited benefits by saving time and money on the daily commute. Not to mention that you can spend less on business outfits or buying takeout food during the middle of a busy day. 

With all of these advantages in mind, you might have spent much time dreaming about decorating your home office. When designing this room, you need to think about the functionality as well as the aesthetics. The best thing is that Modern Sense has all of the essential and premium pieces you might need in one place.

Executive Desk

executive desk office furniture

A good Executive Desk with nice design sets the tone of the office room as it is the most important piece of furniture you will need to work. With the simple and geometric appeal, this executive desk has soft contours and a walnut finish that add an artistic flair in your office space. 

Though beauty is not the only virtue because you will find this desk is extremely versatile and spacious, suitable for doing any work at home. It is also convenient to organize your documents in the file cabinet with a central lock system that comes with the desk, enabling the safety of your files.

Avenue Office Chair

avenue office chair office furniture

A desk can not work without a comfortable chair. Since you probably need to sit for a long time to work every day, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to indulge yourself with the stylish and functional Avenue Office Chair. 

It features adjustable height and plush button-tufted details to fully upholstered inside seat and back. It comes with two colors, making it compatible with any design of your office and even adding a stunning addition to your space.

Mobile Pedestal

mobile cabinet modern office furniture

The longer you work in your home office, the more work files you will accumulate over time. So you might want to consider investing in a premium mobile cabinet to organize the growing documents for you. It is highly versatile because you can arrange it in a determined space or you can move it anywhere you need. 

Additionally, the sleek and modern design of the Mobile Pedestal can match any of your office furniture, adding extra details and luxury touch to your space. The delicate colors it provides are white lacquer and Zebrano wood.

300 Series Bookcase With Doors

bookcase modern office furniture

For larger documents, books or reference materials, your cabinets will not be enough for making sure that everything is in good order. You can put the recent work files in your cabinets, but the older materials need a bigger space to be nicely stored. As a result, most of the homeowners will buy a bookcase to add extra storage space for the documents. 

Moreover, this Modern Bookcase is a perfect decoration piece that can hold artistic accessories to reflect your personal taste for your home office. The doors of the bookcase can provide nice protection for your valuable documents. 


A nice home office can not be complete without proper furniture, and the above four pieces are something you can start with. Modern sense has an incredible collection of office furniture that can make your daily work an ultimate joy by staying at home. The luxury pieces will add lasting appeal not only to your office but also to the overall design of your home. 

No matter if you need modern, classic or European style, Modern Sense will provide unique pieces to make your dream come true. For more information about office desks, chairs, cabinets and bookcases, call Modern Sense Furniture at (416) 746-9381.