Shopping Accent Chairs at Modern Sense Furniture

shopping modern accent chairs

When making the perfect living space, it is important to use up all of the room available to ensure you create a rich, full atmosphere. With that in mind, using a modern accent chair is a great way to add some flourish to a living space that has unutilized space. The great thing about modern accent chairs is that not only are they a perfect way to add an extra splash of style but they are also extra seating for when you have guests. 

Picking the perfect modern accent chair isn’t easy, you need to take into consideration your space and what is already within it. With all of this in mind, we decided to highlight 8 great modern accent chairs that we hold to help you find the right one for your space. 

Boundless Accent Chair

The Boundless Accent Chair has a rich maroon colour with a luxurious material that makes it really stand out. It takes the classic wing chair and modernizes it for homes of today, making it a great fit whether you’re going for something contemporary or classic. Its bold velvet cover has a rich shade of eggplant that shimmers and shines when it catches the light.

Cortlandt Lounge Chair

The Cortlandt Lounge Chair has a simple yet comfortable design perfect for pulling up to a fireplace and reading a book. You can have the chair wrapped in either ultra-premium fabric or rich, aged leather. This would fit perfectly in your modern, minimalist space. 

cortlandt lounge chair steel grey liveshot


The ultra simplistic design of the Dakota chair combines luxury and comfort together perfectly. There are many different frames you can choose for this modern accent chair and it can be adjusted to adapt to however you wish to sit. This is an incredibly comfortable lounge chair that would fit perfectly in just about any living space.

dakota accent chair

Allen Lounge Chair

The Allen Lounge Chair is a modern take on a living room mainstay. There are two tones of leather on the chair, creating a unique, luxurious feel. The slim armrests and iron legs make it functional, while its leather cushions and leather side straps make it fashionable. 

allen lounge chair opala liveshot

Bradhurst Lounge Chair 

The high backed Bradhurst chair was crafted with comfort as the top priority, perfect for enjoying a long evening of just sitting and enjoying a glass of wine. The chair is covered with imported Italian fabric and has very minimal stitching. The whole chair was meticulously designed to contour to your body for maximum comfort.

bradhurst lounge chair and ottoman griffin liveshot

Christie Lounge Chair

The Christie Armchair comes in warm grey leather and safari leather. The wood and the cushion complement one another and line perfectly to form soft, streamlined welts. The solid wood construction of the chair also makes it very durable.

If you like the design of the Christie Lounge Chair there is also an Ottoman that is in the same style.

christie lounge chair safari liveshot

Henry Lounge Chair

This low profile lounge chair is steeped in mixed materials. The Henry Lounge Chair has a luxurious outside which is rich in walnut veneer with an ultra-premium fabric on the inner part of the chair. There is an ultra-thin circular pedestal base that swivels and is coated in a colour that perfectly complements the chair.

The Henry Lounge Chair also has an accompanying Ottaman if you like the style. 

henry lounge chair liveshot

Kite Lounge Chair

The incredibly modern Kite Lounge Chair will blend in perfectly with any contemporary minimalist home. While it is lightweight, lean and has slim lines, it is also very strong and durable. The inspiration for this chair came from the basic box kite design.

kite living huppe

These are just some of the luxury modern accent chairs you will find at Modern Sense Furniture. We hold a large range of breathtaking modern accent chairs, many of which can be customized to perfectly fit your space. From materials, colours, and more, we will make sure you get exactly what you want and deliver something entirely unique. 

Modern Sense Furniture carries many modern accent chairs, perfect for any living space. We have been committed to high-quality luxury furniture inspired by Italian and European elegance for more than 10 years. Our team will help you find the perfect piece for your space, dining room, living room, bedroom, office or residential, we provide a unique collection of luxury furniture you can be proud of and will last for years.

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