Shopping for Modern Coffee Tables

modern coffee table

Coffee tables bring together a living space and help create synergy amongst the entire room. They are no longer just a piece of furniture within a living room but instead an essential part of every home. Today, you can find a wide range of coffee tables that can fit any style or need. Rustic, modern, and everything in between; no matter the material, size, or colour you`re seeking, the vast selection of coffee table out there makes finding the perfect fit easy. Thanks to the aesthetic edge included in most coffee tables, they can be a perfect meld of practicality and style.       

If you`re having a hard time picking a modern coffee table for your living space, we have collected some highlights from our catalogue that we believe stand out. 

Vista Coffee Table

The Vista Coffee Table creates a beautiful combination of retro and modern. The three levels make for an appealing design that intrigues while also being incredibly practical. It has walnut veneer tops that sit on a champagne-plated ring with a slim structure and metal base so it is discrete yet durable. 

vista coffee table

If you like the style, there is also an accompanying side table that shares its aesthetic. 

Volo Coffee Table

This minimal coffee table is comprised of three simple shapes coming together to make something akin to a modern piece of art. The Volo Coffee Table has a design that appears to defy gravity with its futuristic design. 

volo coffee table

This coffee table also comes with an accompanying side table as well as a console table so you can give your entire room this luxurious look. 

Uptown Coffee Table

The Uptown Coffee Table is great for a contemporary environment with its soft design and 2 spacious levels. The second level makes this coffee table a very practical choice with the top layer sporting a sheet of sleek glass, while the bottom layer has a natural wood finish. 

uptown coffee table

If this design interests you, there is also a side table that matches the style of the Uptown Coffee Table.

Rectangular Boscage Coffee Table

The Rectangular Boscage Coffee Table is perfect for those going for a rustic theme. It has a cluster of natural wood slices joint together in a geometric form. It combines modern, organic, and rustic in a seamless blend with its very natural feel. The table features natural Chamcha wood with a charred black edge. 

rectangular boscage coffee table

It also has an accompanying console table for those really looking to complete the rustic look in their space. 

Belvedere Nesting Coffee Tables

With a very unique design, the Belvedere Nesting Coffee Table makes an interesting conversation piece on top of having plenty of functionality. There are two levels – a glass curved shape with a painted white bottom on one level and a wood finish on the other. It is all held together with a solid natural Jequitiba wood cross base that holds it all together. It is a beautiful mixture of modern and clean with a touch of traditionalism.  

belvedere nesting coffee tables

Accademia Coffee Table

The Accademia Coffee Table has a very minimalistic design with a luxurious Termocotto Oak finish. It comes from the Accademia collection which includes a lamp table which melds perfectly with the coffee table to make one cohesive design. The Accademia collection also holds a television stand, so you can utilize the entire collection to create an exquisite minimalistic space.

accademia coffee table

Alessia Coffee Table

The Alessia Coffee Table has a circular modern design that consists of three materials, white marble, gunmetal, and black glass. This is a statement in any living space and sure to turn some heads with its eccentric design.   


Coffee tables can help set the theme of the room as they sit directly in the middle of a space and tend to be what draws in the eye the most. Picking the right coffee table is crucial in a living space for this very reason. When picking out your next coffee table, be sure to plan out the rest of the room in advance so they all come together and create a feeling of cohesion in your space.    


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