What Makes Luxury Furniture in Toronto Luxurious?

what makes luxury furniture in toronto luxurious

When shopping around for high-end furniture in Toronto, you will hear the word “luxury” thrown around a lot. Though it may seem like just a buzzword that is great for marketing, there is a big difference between luxury furniture and regular furniture.

Buying luxury furniture in Toronto used to be about having a designer’s name with a large price tag attached. Today, however, there is more to it than that. Now, shopping for high-end furniture at a furniture store in Toronto is also about having a high-end experience.

There is more of a focus on all aspects of the furniture’s construction, like the fabrics used, how it was made and its durability. So the price tag extends past the name attached to the piece. Anyone can attach a large price tag to a piece of furniture and call it luxury, but there is a lot more to the price with high-end furniture in Toronto. With that in mind, let’s look at what exactly is considered luxury furniture.

Characteristics of Luxury Furniture

When you talk to people about high-end furniture, you’ll hear often hear people ask, “What do you mean by luxury furniture?” When it comes to luxury furniture in Toronto, people want something that stands out and is one of a kind. Rather than just going for the most of note brand, customers instead go for a customizable piece of furniture that correlates with their lifestyle and space.

It is no longer considered upscale to pick from a catalogue of already existing furniture. Rather, working directly with a skilled furniture designer is what is most desired. So when searching for a great piece of luxury furniture in Toronto, here are a few things you should look out for:


The construction of high-end furniture is done by hand and often uses techniques that have been used in the construction of furniture for centuries, while more contemporary construction practices focus more on producing units faster. Analyzing a high-end piece of furniture will make it apparent just how much more time and effort has gone into the process over mass-produced pieces of furniture.

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One key difference luxury furniture has over other furniture is the option of total customization. From the colour of the fabric to the type of wood used in the legs, there’s so much customization available to you. Ultimately, you want a piece that is unique and not one that just came off of an assembly line and is owned by thousands of other consumers. With luxury furniture, you’re involved in the construction and will end up with a very personal piece of furniture.


When looking for a piece of luxury furniture, you don’t want to just see how much you’ll be spending. You’ll also want to see what materials are being used to make the piece. High-end furniture will use quality materials in its construction, like sustainable wood and organic cotton. Because extra care is taken to choose the materials it will last much longer and look more unique.


Leather is typically paired with luxury furniture due to it being a luxurious and desired material itself. Leather will last as long as the rest of the hand made, long-lasting piece of luxury furniture it is paired with. Genuine leather, leather, leatherette, Italian leather, and other forms of leather fit perfectly with luxury furniture.


The wood used in luxury furniture is typically first grade, solid wood. Due to the wood being carved by hand, it is the part of furniture that you can look to if you are trying to determine if it is in fact luxury. Handmade and detailed wood is a telltale sign of luxury furniture.


Like leather, velvet is high-quality and desired. While many different fabrics are used, velvet is much more synonymous with luxury furniture. Velvet, like luxury furniture, has visibly superior quality over most other fabrics.

One-on-One Service

Another thing that should be expected when shopping for luxury furniture is direct communication with the designers of the furniture so all of your questions, concerns and requests are considered. If you’re purchasing a piece of furniture that is going to be customized, you don’t want to speak to a middleman. You want to talk to the high-end furniture designers themselves to have your wants properly conveyed. This way you can find out what options are available and be sure you’ll be happy with the end product.

With the option of customization, high-quality materials and the construction done by hand, a high-end furniture piece is sure to have an aesthetic impact in any space. It will add a touch of sophistication to any living room, bedroom, office, dining room, or wherever you decide to put it.

Why Our Furniture is Considered Luxury

At Modern Sense Furniture, our furniture is considered luxurious because all of our furniture includes all of the aforementioned traits. A majority of our furniture is customizable, we only use the finest materials to construct our furniture and it is all done by hand. When you shop with Modern Sense Furniture we will work with you directly and make sure you leave with a product that is lovingly crafted with the purpose of improving your life.

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Something that sets Modern Sense Furniture apart is that we work with esteemed designers to get top-of-the-line furniture, and we are dedicated to amazing craftsmanship.

We also offer white-glove furniture delivery to provide you with an upscale experience that should come with any high-end furniture shopping. We will deliver and set up your furniture as well as remove all packing materials so you won’t have to lift a finger.

Our Rental Service

At Modern Sense Furniture we also have a rental division for our high-end furniture in Toronto which has been in operation for over 10 years. Our company is proud to be part of Toronto’s blossoming film and television production industry. We have provided furniture for many hits shows like Suits, Designated Survivor, and numerous other TV and movie productions, as well as magazine layouts.

We offer a furniture rental service because we believe that art and creativity go hand-in-hand, perfectly complementing one another. The pieces on offer for rental have been carefully selected to match the wants and needs of today’s market and audience.

Modern Sense Furniture is known as a trusted vendor amongst the GTA’s movie production scene when it comes to modern furniture rentals. When television shows or moves need luxurious furniture that helps to create an elegant mise-en-scene, they come to us. Visit our luxury furniture rental page to learn more.

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Consumers shopping for luxury furniture in Toronto want to be sure that the piece they are buying is well-made and built with superior craftsmanship. High-end furniture in Toronto can’t just include contemporary design, they have to stand out and last the test of time.

These days you can’t just stick a high-end designer’s name with a high price tag to sell a luxury piece. Each step of the buying process has to be well thought out. Buyers want to feel as if they are getting what they pay for with an experience to match, from picking out a piece to working one on one with design experts.

If you’re looking to purchase high-end furniture in Toronto for your home or office space, Modern Sense Furniture has a large selection of luxurious sofas, dining tables, beds, office desks, and much more.

Our team has been providing luxury furniture in Toronto for over a decade now. We also have items that are exclusive to our store and cannot be found anywhere else. To get a personalized experience, visit our 85,000 square-foot showroom – GTA’s largest furniture emporium. Our experts are waiting to show you around and help you make an informed decision on your new piece of luxury furniture.