Best Modern Coffee Tables in Toronto

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It’s no surprise that the aesthetics of any given room consist of several different elements coming together in perfect harmony. In fact, modern pieces are really soaring across households these days due to their versatility. Take modern coffee tables in Toronto for example. Individually, they can be placed just about anywhere in any given room as stand alone masterpieces. However, adding them to your living room can really tie the entire space together. In part due to their capability to blend into a space seamlessly, as well as the proficiency to command a room.  Let’s look at some favourites from our modern furniture store in Toronto.

The Pavones Coffee Table

The Pavones Coffee Table is definitely a stunner. With a base made out of metal and the top crafted with curved tempered glass, it’s no surprise this one made it onto our list. Not only does it have a clean, sleek finish, but this Italian coffee table is also fully adaptable to its surroundings. Playing on the harmony of bent lines and shapes, you can use it as a centerpiece or as a beautiful side table. The choice is yours.

pavone coffee table

The Fletcher Coffee Table

The Fletcher Coffee Table redefines simplicity with its beautifully molded low profile table on steel blade legs. Created with a scratch-resistant ceramic top with black marble effect that seamlessly melds into Bavaria imported smoked oak natural veneer. If you enjoy functional furniture with additional storage that is invisible to the naked eye, this is the product for you. Its storage drawers are placed in a way to create a hidden nook while retaining its clean and elegant appearance. The best way to describe this piece is a combination of functionality and form – and it is a perfectly durable incorporation to any modern home.

fletcher coffee table

The Commodore Coffee Table

The Commodore Coffee Table is a refreshing standout compared to the four-edged coffee tables most households are normally accustomed to. Crafted with mid-century modern designs, this oval-shaped cocktail table with ultra-wide panels is an ideal pick for large living rooms. Not only does it compliment straight couches, but it’s also a seamless addition to curved sofas.

commodore coffee table

The Alessia Coffee Table

If you’re looking to add a little dramatic flair to your living room, the Alessia Coffee Table is the one for you. With this circular modern piece, you’ll be able to satisfy the rules of threes. Divided into three separate tiers and materials, the coffee table is made out of white marble, gunmetal and black glass. A real conversation starter.

alessia coffee table

The Leaf Coffee Table

For a modern house that embraces nature, the Leaf Coffee Table is the one for you. It’s asymmetrical, biographically shaped table-top gives the Leaf series an almost organic appearance, which in turn, emulates a sense of comfort in a modern room. Beyond that, it offers unparalleled functionality in the realm of coffee tables – with its concealed wheels that allow for easy repositioning. Moreover, a closer look reveals its steel accent shelf and two angled side panels which create semi-concealed storage areas. In addition to its design, this piece comes with multiple metal and glass options – from its etched glass top to its powder-coat colours. Place it in the middle of your sofas, or to the side, this product fits all modern living spaces.

leaf coffee table


The Uptown Coffee Table

Looking for a functional yet versatile centerpiece that will force others to do a double take? The Uptown Coffee Table hits the nail on the mark. With its modern silhouettes, it’s the perfect addition to a contemporary environment. Its transparent shadow tinted glass top provides ample surface space, and it comes with the same amount of storage space. In addition, it permits easy mobility thanks to its hidden twin-wheel casters. As an added bonus, its steel components are available in your choice of any powder-coat colour, and the walnut veneer shelves are offered in many finishes.

uptown coffee table


Whether you’re looking for style, functionality, additional storage space, a centerpiece or a seamless blend, there are a plethora of modern coffee tables that will not only meet those needs, but also provide elements you didn’t even know you were missing in your living space.

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