Create the Perfect Dining Space for Your Condo with These Furniture Pieces

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When you think condos, you think modern. Modern aesthetic tends to the minimalist style that goes well with the luxurious style of condos. Condos tend to be slightly smaller than full-sized homes so each piece of condo furniture Toronto should be perfectly chosen to be functional and blend with the rest of your space. This mentality should be used when designing each room, including the dining room

The dining room is a place where people spend quality time with friends and loved ones, so it should be beautiful, comfortable, and functional. A well-designed dining room will allow you to enjoy the time you have with others without having to worry about a lack of space or your guests being uncomfortable. While this may seem like a challenge with the somewhat limited space provided by a condo, if you have a well thought out space, your dining room can double as a piece of art and a practical space.        

At Modern Sense, we supply a large selection of luxurious dining room furniture that blends modern aesthetics with sophisticated taste. We have collected some choice condo furniture Toronto that will help you establish a wonderful modern dining room you can spend countless memorable nights in. 

Contempo Dining Table 

We shall start off with the piece of condo furniture Toronto that will bring the entire room together, the dining table. Another great reason to start off with the dining table is that it can help establish the aesthetic of the rest of the room. 

The dining table we are highlighting here is the Contempo Extendable Dining Table. We have chosen this table because it has a contemporary design with a curved sculptural design blended with a rustic presence. It is also extendable, perfect for those looking for condo furniture in Toronto. 

Gakko Dining Chair 

Now that you have picked out a beautiful dining table, its time to find some matching dining chairs. Dining chairs should have a combination of comfort, minimalism, and functionality. 

With the characteristics listed above in mind, we believe that Gakko Dining Chair fits that description perfectly while also pairing well with the Contempo Dining Table. The folded backrest on the chair provides extra comfort and a contemporary look.

luxury sideboard condo furniture in toronto

Kenley Sideboard

The dining table and chairs are ready to go, but where to put all of your utensils, table cloths, coasters, and placemats? In a beautiful server, of course.

The Kenley Sideboard is a lovely server that fits the modern motif that the previous entries have created. The wood wrapped around the corner gives off a natural, rustic, and elegant look.  

Apollo Convergent Chandelier

While you do have the essential condo furniture Toronto covered, what is a dining room without exquisite decor? Chandeliers are the height of luxury that add a touch of sophistication to your space. 

The Apollo Convergent Chandelier has a contemporary, minimal design with hand-cut crystal rectangular blocks. 

modern art and condo furniture toronto

Azure Sky Wall Art/Wooden Moon Sculpture

Now your dining room is really coming together, so its time to put the finishing touches in your space and add some personality. Art is a great way to give some character and make your space really stand out.

The Azure Sky Wall Art is something that will certainly pop out and turn some heads. This painting has a breath-taking blue tone that emulates the sky with a floating stainless steel frame. It creates a wonderful sense of depth, which is especially impressive due to it only being an inch including the frame. 

Another piece of art that is both modern and eye-catching is the Wooden Moon Sculpture. It provides a rustic yet modern feel, perfect to pair with the Kenley Sideboard mentioned previously. 

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Slim Configuration Bookcase

Having an empty section in your dining room can leave it feeling empty. That is where these fantastic Slim Bookcases come in to play. While you could store books on these shelves, they become the perfect place to store wine bottles and other decorative pieces when placed in a dining room. 

Modern Sense Furniture

One of the many benefits that come with shopping at Modern Sense Furniture is the ability to customize just about any piece of furniture we provide. Colours, sizing, and materials are customizable which makes creating a cohesive dining room easy. When you are designing your dining room, visit our showroom. Our friendly staff is available to take you through our impressive selection of beautiful, modern condo furniture in Toronto.

Modern Sense Furniture carries a great selection of condo furniture in Toronto. We have been committed to high-quality luxury condo furniture Toronto inspired by Italian and European elegance for more than 10 years. Our team will help you find the perfect piece for your space, dining room, living room, bedroom, office or residential, we provide a unique collection of luxury furniture you can be proud of and will last for years.

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