Choosing the Ideal Barstool for your Kitchen

Choosing the Ideal Barstool for your Kitchen

Barstools are a great way to have an elegant look without taking up a large amount of space. You can find barstools in many places like cafes, restaurants, hotels and many other places. They also offer a great solution for those looking for seating for a condo. If you’re looking to add a barstool to your home you may ask, how do I pick the right barstool for my kitchen? 

For homes with large islands or tall counters, barstools are an optimal choice. You can have the comfort of a dining table, but the convenience of tucking the chair under your counter or island when you no longer need them. They look modern and stylish while also being practical. Whether you are eating or just hanging out, barstools are a great choice for anyone going for a modern look. 

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But how do you choose which one is right for your kitchen? Through this article, we are going to ask some basic questions to consider when picking a barstool as well as going over different types of stools. 


How Tall of a Barstool Do I Need?

When picking the right stool you want the height of your stool to be about 10-15 inches shorter than the height of your counter. Be sure to do some measurements and figure out which size would best work for your countertop. 


How Many Barstools Should I Add to My Space?

Once you have an idea of the height of barstool you’ll then have to figure out how many stools will fit in your space. If you have too many it will be overcrowded and too few will look sparse. 

People should be able to freely get in and out of their seats as well as eat or drink comfortably. To make sure this is possible, leave around 26-30 inches between each seat measuring from the center of one stool to the next. 

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What Types of Barstools Are There to Choose From?

So you have all of the measurements done and you are ready to choose your stool. But which one should you choose? There are a lot of different styles to choose from but when it comes down to it, you want something that matches both your needs and your space’s already established aesthetic. Here are some of the common styles of stools you will run across. 


Lounge/Deli Style 

Lounge or deli styled stools are designed like a typical chair. You will usually find them, as the name suggests, in delis or lounges. They have backs, usually with thin metal legs, easy for tucking in and being discreet. 


Stationary Style 

Stationary barstools are typically found in doctor’s offices or other health clinics. They have a minimal design with no back and a cushioned seat, they are what comes to mind when you think of a stool. 


Bucket Style

Bucket stools are for those looking for a bit more comfort in their stools and are usually found in restaurants. This is perfect if you are planning to sit in the stool for long periods of time. They have a look similar to a small couch with fabric covering the back with some even having small armrests.  


Pub Style

Pub styles stools can be found in restaurants and bars. This style of stool is a cross between the bucket and lounge style. There is a cushioned seat with separate backing attached to the frame rather than the seating. 


These are some of the things you’ll want to look at and the questions to ask before you start looking for a new barstool. In the end, you will want to pick something that suits your needs. If you are looking for something comfortable that you can sit on for long periods of time, the bucket style is perfect. 

For those looking for a stool that will be used infrequently, the stationary style is perfect and can be easily concealed when it isn’t needed. Take some time to determine what you want out of your stool so you can have it fit your life while enhancing your kitchen.  

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