The Stressless Wing

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The Stressless brand is known for its outstanding quality and how comfortable its products are. In the market, it reigns as the king of comfort. You may be wondering why that is – and it’s largely due to its technology. For example, the Stressless Wing recliner is a luxurious and modern chair that comes with an ottoman. Both of which are extremely easy and intuitive to adjust it to however you want it.

Whether you want the recliner pushed back or the ottoman moved forward or backwards – it is not only easy to do, but you can also lock them in that position for future use. Furthermore, both products are customizable in colour to fit your living space. So if you’re looking for a modern and clean addition to your home, that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also dubbed as an incredibly comfortable product, check out the Stressless Wing recliner. You can drop by our showroom to see it, or similar products. Or if you want more details regarding the product or our inventory, simply give us a call at (416) 746-9381.