The Brera Collection

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If a luxurious and foolproof dining area is what you’re after, the Brera Collection offers the perfect solution. It consists of a dining table made with tempered glass so no matter how it’s used, it will always remain scratch-free. In addition, the table is extendable so it can be personalized to fit your needs. If you’re entertaining more guests, simply adjust the table to seat 8 to 10 people. Otherwise, you can size it so it fits your home aesthetics perfectly. Moreover, the accompanied chairs are beautifully paired with the table, with the same modern look and chic design. The last feature are the cabinets that not only elevate the collection but can be used to store items you want hidden, as well as those you want displayed. 

So add a little flavour to your dining room with the Brera Collection. Drop by our showroom to see it or similar products, or if you want more details just give us a call at (416) 746-9381.